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How to Make Steam Games Open on Second Monitor

Soon after I made a setup of a dual monitor at home, I felt a slight increase in work efficiency. I started saving the time of opening the YouTube video, learn from it and then switch back to the application to do the changes. Now on my one screen, I watch the tutorial and at the same time implement it on the application running on the second display. This thing helped me a lot to work more productively and spare some time for refreshments which was neglected since the past few months.

I love steam games and so whenever a new game launches, I start finding when and how can I play it on my PC. But, with a surprise, I got trouble in launching steam games on the second monitor that I connected to the system. I tried and searched here and there. Finally, I sorted the issue, and that’s why I am providing this guide for gamers like me who want to make steam games open on the second monitor.

How to Launch Steam Games On Second Monitor?

I tried a few ways, and I will explain them here. Check them and see which method works for you to play steam games on the second monitor.

Method-1: Switch the second monitor to primary before you launch a steam game

This is one of the most common and easy solutions to play steam games on an external display. We will make a steam change default monitor make this happen. Follow the steps below to alter your secondary monitor to the primary display.

  1. Connect” your external display to the PC

connect dual monitor2. Then, start the primary monitor and go the ‘Display settings’ on desktop

display settings

3. Now, from the ‘Display’ menu, there is a ‘Customize your display’ section

4. Choose the ‘Detect’ option there if you don’t see the name of the second screen there

5. If your second screen is showing directly or after you selected the ‘Detect’ option, then you will see the virtual space indicating ‘Select and rearrange displays’ option with two screens numbered as 1 and 2

6. Number 2 is your second screen, so choose that in the work-space area

7. Scroll down and mark the option of ‘Make this my main display’ option

That’s it. You have switched both your screens. Now, run the steam games and you will be happy to see that working on your second screen (which is your primary screen now). When you feel you want to switch back to your main display as before, follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Note: The steps mentioned here are for the Windows 10 PC. However, all the Windows Operating Systems have similar functionality with just a slight change in the option selection. You can do such ‘Display Setting’ from the control panel in any OS.

Method-2: Use Window Mode

Sometimes, when you run the games in full-screen mode, then due to the dedicated graphics drivers to a single full screen, you can’t run steam games on a second monitor.

borderless gaming

One quick and easy fix for this is to play the game in full-screen windowed mode instead of a full-screen mode. It is a window screen mode, but without the borders. Such setup is easy, and most of the modern games do come with the support of the full-screen windowed mode. If the game does not support this mode, then you can take help of some third-party software to use it. Though this setup uses more power from the graphics card, it is a good solution to play steam games on the second PC.

Method-3: Use Projector Mode

This is not quite known and used options, but it works, in most cases. You can use your device in the ‘Projector only’ (in some systems, ‘Second screen only’) mode and can run steam games on the second monitor.

Use Projector Mode

Press Windows + P key on the screen and choose the ‘Projector only’ mode. The system will only see a single screen now (in our case, the second screen) and so the output will not be displayed on the primary monitor. Once you start the game on the second screen, turn off this projector mode to use your other screen. Note that, this option will not affect the performance of the system.

Play Steam Games On Second Monitor

Till now, you may know that the high-level steam games run on the primary output monitor. So switching your displays is a good solution to make.  Let me know your thoughts on this guide. Also, you can share your own experience here with the steam games on the second screen.

PS: Methods mentioned here can work differ from system to system. Some solutions may not work on every machine. I shared the methods that I tested and got some desired output.


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