How to Adjust Brightness on Acer Monitor – Change The Display Settings

How to adjust brightness on Acer monitor

How annoying is it when you hate the brightness or display on your monitor? Very!

Viewing experience must be flawless if we want to enjoy it and brightness plays an important role in ensuring that. While sometimes, changing the brightness or display settings is easy, a few people using Acer monitors consistently complain that it is rather confusing.

How to Adjust Brightness on Acer Monitor

If you think about it, there are so many Acer monitors today that grasping the controls and settings of each can take time and patience. The good news, though, is that Acer considered this problem and came up with a universal setting that people can easily use to change brightness on an Acer monitor.

Using the OSD (On-screen display) Interface

This solution is not going to take you long because this is a part of the hardware itself. Depending on the Acer model, you will find buttons on the side of the monitor or at the bottom. One of these buttons will be for power. Ignore that button for now and press any of the others. The OSD interface will open up.


Now, open the Menu or Context Menu and choose the Brightness option. Here, you can adjust the settings as per your requirements.

Using the Keys!

Another option is to use the Function key and the arrow marks to adjust brightness. Remember to press the Function key and use right or left arrow keys to increase or decrease the brightness.

function key

Using Different Software

If neither of the above seems to work for you, you could download third-party apps like Desktop Lighter, iBrightness Tray, RedShift GUI, etc to help you with the same. . These apps do much more than just adjusting brightness, mind you. You will be able to make changes that a regular Acer monitor doesn’t allow.

So, if brightness is a huge factor for your work or hobby, using a good third-party software will help you tremendously. You can practically play around with the display settings and brightness!

Is Nothing Working?

If you have tried everything and failed, it is probably because there is a problem with the monitor. We recommend that you talk to an authorized professional or the service center to get it sorted.

Don’t get too annoyed if you don’t like the settings on your Acer monitor. There’s always a way out, and in this case, it is quite easy unless there’s a problem. Follow the aforesaid tips, and you will end up with perfect settings.


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