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How to Solve Windows 10 Not Detecting Second Monitor?

second monitor not detected

It is wonderful to be able to use two monitors. It eases work and makes pastime even more fun when you connect your computer to the TV. However, sometimes you may face issues such as the computer not detecting second monitor.

How to Turn Off Second Monitor?: Change Your Monitor From 2 to 1

How to turn off second monitor

The use of two monitors at the same time is a blessing for many. It helps you do more without having to switch between windows all the time, and you see a lot more in one go – something that a single monitor may not allow.

Is a 144hz Monitor Worth It?: Click to Know

Is a 144hz Monitor Worth It

If you have a gaming display or in a search for the best gaming monitor, then you most probably aware of the 144Hz refresh rate. Most of the sites and products listings say that the 144Hz monitor is the current best in the field, especially for the gamers. But, is 144Hz worth it really for the games? Or it is just a higher refresh rate which does not affect too much on viewing rather than picking up a few dollars more from your pocket? Well, let’s find it out here.

Best Triple Monitor Stand Reviews of 2019 | Top Products on the market

Best Triple Monitor Stand

Today, many professionals and gaming nerds do use dual monitor setup for their needs and comfort. Sometimes, they also go for the triple monitor setup to extend their creativity to a new level. But setting up such high-end system needs some individual support. An affordable, comfortable, and easy to set up stand for monitor is one of the essential things for such setup.

How to Change Primary Monitor?: Change Your Default Monitor Now

How to change Primary Monitor

Ok, you got the second monitor for increasing your productivity or having a better environment for working at home or office. And if I am right, your external display is a USB powered monitor which uses only a single cable for power and input both.

Best Monitor for AutoCAD and SolidWorks | Top Buying Guide

Best Monitor for AutoCAD and SolidWorks

If you are wondering what is the best monitor for SolidWorks or which is the perfect CAD monitor, then you are at right place. Whether you work with AutoCAD or SolidWorks or both, I will show some of the most sought and powerful displays that can help you having stunning visuals every time you work on designs.

Best Monitor for Eye: Use this Buying Guide to Reduce Strain

Best Monitor for Eye

Many articles tell you why you should choose a monitor that reduces the strain. Your eyes have to face while you stare at a monitor for hours every day. But there are not many specific sources out on the Internet that can tell you “how” to choose the best monitor for your eye to prevent any strain.

Glossy Vs Matte Screen: Which One is Better?

Glossy Vs Matte Screen

When your face your PC toward the sun, you will get to see one of two things: a reflection of your surroundings on your PC screen, or the dull black screen of your PC. These differences are caused due to two different kinds of screens- glossy vs matte screen.

Best Monitors for Programming and Coding – Top Picks

Best Monitors for Coding and Programming

Although many people believe that monitors behave mostly the same, it is not always true. There are separate monitors suited for heavy gaming, for entertainment purposes, and even for coding & programming. Picking out the best monitor for programming can be difficult, not to mention a little scary because of all the varieties of brands, screen sizes, screen resolutions, and so many other factors. In this article, we will shine the light on some monitors which can make your life as a programmer much more easier.

HP Pavilion 22cwa 21.5-inch IPS Backlit Monitor Review and Comparison

hp 22cwa review

Today, I am going to provide the HP pavilion 22cwa review here. HP is among the most trusted brands for computers, and it doesn’t disappoint us very often. In fact, its HP Pavilion 22cwa, which was launched in 2015, is among the top ten most sought after monitors on Amazon. Is it the best out there, though? Let’s go through a detailed here before concluding: