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Best 27 Inch Gaming Monitor Under $200 – Latest Monitors of 2019

Best 27 Inch Gaming Monitor Under $200

Gaming is a lot about the experience. Over the years, our gaming devices have evolved in a big way. The features have improved, the sizes have changed and the devices have become innovative & fast, all with the ultimate objective of enhancing our visual experience.

Best Monitor Arm for Ultrawide – Set Your Monitor On Wall or Desk

Best monitor arm for ultra-wide

Ultra-wide monitors are the rage right now due to their wide viewing angle and the fact that they eliminate the need for multiple monitors. Gamers, movie enthusiasts, designers, and those working on computers for a long period of time unite in their opinion of the ultra-wide monitors. They all say that these are amazing space-savers and productivity boosters.

Acer Predator vs Asus Rog Monitor – Comparison of Good Monitor Brands

Acer Predator vs Asus Rog Monitor

Acer and Asus have been close competitors right from the start. Both of them are excellent monitor brands and have many happy users. A few monitors seem the same in almost all aspects. The Acer Predator and Asus Rog Monitor are classic examples. They are both computers, often confusing users. Which one must they buy?

How to Connect two Computers to one Monitor without KVM? – Simple Ways

How to Connect two Computers to one Monitor without KVM_

Are you falling short of space for your many computers? Are you looking for an instant solution that doesn’t need you to use various keyboards and mice to control them all? Well, the answer is to connect the computers to a monitor. Sounds easy, right? But what if you don’t have a KVM?

Best Monitor for GTX 1060 – Get Compatible Monitor For Graphic Card

Best Monitor for GTX 1060

We have seen the most sought displays for the GTX 1080Ti recently. Today, I will review the best-known monitors for GTX 1060 graphics card.

How to Change Logitech Mouse DPI? – Improve Your Mouse Performance

How to Change Logitech Mouse DPI

The DPI (Dots Per Inch) is a standard for the mouse sensitivity. If you have proper DPI settings on the mouse, then it will help most effectively while playing games or editing graphics. Different games and photo editing tools require some change in this DPI settings. And most of the Logitech mice come with a wide DPI range. Today, we will see how you can improve the mouse performance by changing the default DPI settings on it.

Best Monitor for 1080Ti – Choose the Finest Gaming Monitor for 1080Ti

Best Monitor for 1080Ti

Today, I will review the top monitors that you can use with the GTX 1080Ti.

Best Monitor for Color Grading – Top Color Correction Monitor of 2019

Best Monitor for Color Grading

Are monitors only made keeping gamers and movie enthusiasts in mind? Nope. The world of monitors is diverse and fascinating. It has options for working professionals, designers, general browsers, and much more. Whatever your need may be, you can be sure that there’s a computer to fulfill it.

Are Ultrawide Monitors Worth It? Check it Now

Are ultrawide monitors worth it?

Whenever we see the word “ultra” before something, we get excited. Things are no different with ultrawide monitors. They are shiny, attractive, and among the most popular monitors on the market today. Whether it is online or in stores, we see multiple ads luring us to buy them. But, are they really worth it? Must we buy them? You will find out in this article.

144Hz Monitor vs 60Hz – Find The Difference of Two Refresh Rates

144Hz Vs. 60Hz Monitor

You are most probably looking for the correct refresh rate among the 144Hz and 60Hz displays, especially if you are a gamer or a computer enthusiast. Many people are asking whether to purchase a 60Hz screen or upgrade to a 120Hz or 140Hz monitor. This article will provide you the needed information to find the exact difference between two refresh rates.