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How to Adjust Brightness on Acer Monitor – Change The Display Settings

How to adjust brightness on Acer monitor

How annoying is it when you hate the brightness or display on your monitor? Very!

How to Clean LED Monitor – Clean Your Monitor Safely

how to clean a monitor screen

LED monitors enhance viewing experience splendidly. They bring the picture to life and make us feel like we are a part of it. However, the only way to uphold this viewing experience is consistent maintenance.

How to Change Mouse Direction on Dual Monitors in Windows 10 | Top Guide

How to Change Mouse Direction on Dual Monitors in Windows 10

While it is very easy to use the mouse when you have one monitor, things change when you add the second one. With gaming and multitasking making dual monitors a must-have it is important that we learn how to use the mouse conveniently on both monitors.

How to Tell If Your Computer Supports Dual Monitor? Check now!

can my graphics card run 2 monitors

Are you looking to work with more than one monitor? Good idea. Many tasks and games require the use of two or more monitors because they make work more comfortable and quicker. However, before you go on to get the second monitor, you must know if your computer supports such changes or additions.

Best KVM Switches for Dual Monitors and Server Rack | Top Reviews

best KVM switch

Are you using dual or triple desktop systems for your work? Are you using separate mouse and keyboard for operating your multiple displays? If yes, then it is the time to use a KVM switch. And today, I am going to review the best 2-port and 4-port KVM switches available in the market.

How to Switch Between Two Monitors | Dual Monitor Settings

How to switch between two monitors

Being able to use multiple monitors enhances our work and leisure experiences on different operating systems. When you want to run more than one application simultaneously or merely extend the screen, you can connect one or more additional monitors.

Best Budget G Sync Monitor at Affordable Price! 2018 Reviews

Best Budget G Sync Monitor at Affordable Price

When it is a matter of gaming or working on a PC, the display is the most important and useful thing. For getting the best monitor; the resolution, refresh rate, and response time are the essential factors to consider.

Best 22 Inch Computer Monitor on the Market | Top Reviews

Best 22 Inch Computer Monitor

Many people think that the 22-inch displays are out of the market due to relatively lower prices of the bigger screens. The main reason behind this could be the higher gaming needs on widescreen displays that come with many intuitive features in different budget ranges. But, there are some computer displays with 22 inches screens that provide stellar features at competitive prices. So today, we will take a look at the most sought and still widely used 22-inch computer monitors available in the market today.

How to Setup Dual Monitors with Different Resolutions Windows 10

How to Setup Dual Monitors with Different Resolutions Windows 10Add heading

Connecting a second display serves numerous purposes, and it is usually simple when both the displays are the same size. If you have two monitors with different resolutions, your experience will be ruined because one display will always look weird. This is usually because Windows 10 selects the resolution of the primary display. But, can you not change the resolutions manually? Let’s find out:

Best Video Card for Multiple Monitors | Select Graphics Cards for Gaming

Best video card for multiple monitors

If you are among those who love gaming on multiple monitors, you will need a video card that suits your needs. There are quite a few in the market made especially for one, two, three, and four monitors and your job is to make sure you pick the best!