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How to Remove Keys from a Mechanical Keyboard? – Simple Way

How to remove keys from a mechanical keyboard

We must take good care of our devices, right? We must clean them regularly to ensure that they last longer. Maintenance also promises good performance, eliminating the need to shell out a lot of money on new products.

Best Mouse for Music Production – Top Music Producer Mouse 2019

Best Mouse for Music Production

Using the same old mouse for music production? Frustrated that you are unable to work productively or even peacefully? Well, that’s no surprise.

Best Mouse for Solidworks and CAD (High Rated Mouse for Professionals)

Best Mouse for Solidworks

We have seen the list of the mouse for small hands, mouse for big hands, mouse for programmers, mouse for gaming, etc. on this website. Today, we will have a look at the highly rated mice for CAD and Solidworks designing software.

Curved Monitor vs Flat for Gaming – Useful Guide for The Pro Gamers

Curved monitor vs flat for gaming

Gaming may be a lot of fun, but gamers are quite serious especially when it comes to buying the right equipment and the perfect accessories. Gaming is nothing short of a deep passion around which revolves many a gamer’s life.

Hard vs Soft Mouse Pad – Which One is Best For You?

Hard vs soft Mouse Pad

Mouse pad! Oh, such a lovely creation it is!

How to Stop Your Mouse from Going to Second Monitor: Lock it Now

How to Stop Your Mouse from Going to Second Monitor

If you are using a dual monitor for improving your productivity or playing favorite games, then you may be aware of one common problem of the mouse cursor going on the other screen accidentally. This thing can lead to performing an unwanted operation on the screen, and that can be annoying. So, you need to get a dual display mouse manager. But how? Well, don’t worry, I am providing you with a useful guide on managing the mouse movement between two computer screens.

2k Vs 4k Monitor: Difference Between High Gaming Resolutions

2K Vs 4K Monitor

There is a common belief that the working on the documents, web editing, net surfing, and online video playing can be seen better with the higher resolutions. But what about the gaming? If you are upgrading your current computer or buying a new one, then what should you look for in a resolution? As the higher resolution needs a more powerful graphics card. Is a 2K display is enough? Or you should go for a 4K monitor? We will see the answers of all these questions in this post on 2K vs 4K monitor for gaming needs.

MSI vs Asus – Comparison Between Gaming Laptops by Pros

msi vs asus

Let’s talk gaming!

Oh, what a pleasure it is to spend time playing our favorite games! Gaming’s sheer popularity is proof that it is quite an amazing world! To make the most of it, we need to have the right equipment, and that means we need good gaming laptops. A regular laptop will take the fun out of it, believe us!

Best IPS Monitors under 200 – Top Reviews of 2019

Best IPS Monitors under 200 (1)

Don’t we all want awesome display when we work or play games? Of course! Until recently, it was hard to think about 1080P or amazing gameplay unless we had extravagance on our side. We can rejoice now though because there are many IPS monitor under 200 that are superb and will satisfy your display needs with ease. All you have to do is to find the best on the market today.

Best Passive CPU Cooler: Top Coolers Help you to Build a Silent PC

Best Passive CPU Cooler

How often do you notice the voice from the CPU in your system? Do you know where it comes from? Well, you guessed it right. The sound comes from the CPU fan in most of the cases.