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Are Curved Monitors Good for Gaming? – Useful Guide for Pro Gamers

Are curved monitors good for gaming?

Amidst all the hoopla about display resolutions, response time, pixels, and more, we often ignore the importance of buying the perfect type of monitor – curved or flat.

Best Computer Monitor For DAW – Music Production Monitor of 2019

Best Computer Monitor For DAW

So, you are here because you want a top-quality monitor for your music production, right? To have a perfect recording and music production on a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), along with the best speakers, keyboards, microphones, and of course your talent, a computer monitor is essential gear. Today, we will look at the best music production monitors that will help you to make outstanding recordings and art creation.

Best Desk for Triple Monitor Setup – Setup Your Monitor Easily

Best Desk for Triple Monitor Setup

If you have a triple monitor setup or thinking to make that, then you know that space is the thing. You need a proper desk area to accommodate all your three displays as well as other required accessories like keyboard, mouse, printer, and other useful stuff. Whether you work on your computer at home or office, the desk is an essential part of your productivity. Making a triple monitor setup is easy, but getting the right desk for is not. So, I have researched the forums, Amazon reviews, and lengthy blog posts to filter the most sought tri monitor desks. Let’s have a look at them.

How to See Twitch Chat While Streaming on One Monitor? – Best Ways Explained

How to See Twitch Chat While Streaming

Twitch chat is an excellent option that lets you read comments and messages while streaming. This helps in enhancing the streaming experience for all your users.

Best Monitor for Watching Movies (Perfect Solution for Movie Fans)

Best Monitor for Watching Movies

There is nothing like a 50-inch HD TV for enjoying movies. But, that needs thousands of bucks from your pocket. How good it is if I say you can enjoy watching movies on your computer monitor along with doing your task on it? Great, isn’t it? Well, there are some displays which can really turn your room into a home theater like experience without spending too much. Here, I am going to list the most sought monitor for watching movies to help you enjoy your entertainment time at its best. Let’s have a look at them.

Best 4K HDR Monitor for Xbox One X – Top Reviews of 2019 (Enjoy HD Displays)

Best 4K HDR Monitor for Xbox One X

Move aside, 4K. It is time for 4K HDR!

Don’t we live in the best times ever? Gaming has never been so realistic! There are gadgets that let us experience the games we enjoy playing to the extent that we simply get lost in it! The game becomes us and we, the game! Now, in such times, it would be unfair to the entire world of gaming to compromise on quality and experience.

How to Hook up 3 Monitors? – Setup Multiple Monitors Now

How to Hook up 3 Monitors

Multi-tasking is the need of the hour but do you want to go a step higher?

Some of us have jobs, work, or hobbies that require a lot of multitasking and focus at the same time. We need to look at many things at once, or we need to look at one thing in a more realistic manner. Either way, a multiple monitor setup is the in-thing right now. Just a few months ago, everyone was thrilled about the dual-monitor setup, but some of us really need to take the bar higher for our work. That’s where the need to hook up 3 monitors comes in.

How to Connect a Second Monitor with only One VGA Port? – Setup now

How to Connect a Second Monitor with only One VGA Port_ (1)

Many types of work scenarios call for multiple monitors. Whether you are a developer or an artist, using two monitors helps you increase your productivity and brings your work to life.

How to Remove Keys from a Mechanical Keyboard? – Simple Way

How to remove keys from a mechanical keyboard

We must take good care of our devices, right? We must clean them regularly to ensure that they last longer. Maintenance also promises good performance, eliminating the need to shell out a lot of money on new products.

Best Mouse for Music Production – Top Music Producer Mouse 2019

Best Mouse for Music Production

Using the same old mouse for music production? Frustrated that you are unable to work productively or even peacefully? Well, that’s no surprise.