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Wled vs led: Real Difference Explained


The world of display units doesn’t stop surprising us! It has so much offer that it is hard to keep track of the latest, most advanced technology. We still remember the simple times when CRT televisions ruled the roost. There was no confusion, and everyone knew that the only thing to ponder on was the size!

Best 34 Inch Monitor – Top Reviewed Ultrawide Monitors of 2019

Best 34_ Inch Monitor

The monitor may not be the only reason behind great or horrible performance but it is a huge reason behind experience. Whether you are video editing or gaming or simply working, an excellent monitor is mandatory.

VESA Compatible Monitors – Best VESA Mount Monitors of 2019

VESA Compatible Monitors

Looking for a multi-monitor setup? Want to go into a full-on gaming mode and experience it as if it were really happening? Who doesn’t?

Best Korean monitor – Top reviewed cheap monitors in 2020

Best Korean monitor

To take full advantage of the magical world of gaming, we must have the right monitor with all the capabilities. However, high-end monitors have the tendency to break your bank account with their hefty price tags. Does that mean that you have to be able to dole out a lot of money to nurture your love for gaming? Nope!

ViewSonic XG2401 vs XG2402 – Comparison and Review of Best Monitors

ViewSonic XG2401 vs XG2402

Gamers have a world of choices today when it comes to monitors, don’t we? Even if budgets are tight, we have multiple options today. Sometimes,  we get confused! We like 2 or 3 models equally and have absolutely no idea which one to go for. That’s the plight most of our readers are currently facing with ViewSonic XG2401 and ViewSonic XG2402.

Ultrawide vs 4K Monitors – Compare and Choose the Best Quality Monitor

Ultrawide vs 4K Monitors

This is going to be an epic battle! Absolutely obsolete are the days when you had to buy a big desktop that looked like a 90s television regardless of the content you created. Whether it was for work, gaming, or movie watching, these were the only monitors you could find.

Best Ultrawide Monitor Under 300 – Cheapest Widescreen Monitor of 2019

Best ultrawide monitor under 300

It takes money to be tech-savvy and to have excellent gaming monitors. But it doesn’t have to take too much money either! Back in time, the thought of buying high-end gadgets was scary because most of us couldn’t afford it. Also, the choices were limited. Now, times have changed, and we have options in every price range. Take the cheap ultrawide monitors, for example. Who knew they would be so easily available at prices under $300?

How to Connect Xbox One to PC Monitor with HDMI? – Step by Step Guide

How to connect Xbox One to PC monitor with HDMI

The Xbox One is one of our favorite innovations of all time. We still remember how fascinated we were when Microsoft launched it, ready to give PlayStation a run for its money. And, boy, did it! There was fierce competition across the world between the two gaming consoles, and both fared extremely well. Some people loved the PS4 while others wanted the Xbox One at any cost! 

BenQ GL2760H Review of 2019 – Top Reviewed 27-Inch Monitor

BenQ GL2760H Review

For anyone looking to buy a monitor, there are plenty of options available in the market. Each of the big brands has a line-up of monitors with various sizes, specifications, features. Picking a monitor can hence be a challenging and time-consuming task. 

Best Monitor for iRacing – Find Triple Monitors for Gaming Here

Best Monitor for iRacing

iRacing is the world’s most famous motorsports racing simulation. In the world of eSports, iRacing is the most visited platform motorsports and racing. It provides the thrill and experience of a real-life racetrack from the comfort of your home. It has a series of virtual racetracks, cars and championships that interests gamers, simracers and race fans.