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Is Overclocking Monitor Safe? – Learn about the Process and its Risks

Is Overclocking Monitor Safe

All the overclockers say hello! We are here with another episode of overclocking and this time we are going to speak about overclocking monitors. Is it safe? Does it harm the monitor? Is it even possible? Should you do it? We are positive that these and many other similar questions are boggling your mind at the moment. Breathe with ease, you all, because we have all the answers for you. Please keep reading!

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4 Without Remote Play: HDMI Rescue

How to use Laptop as Monitor for PS4 Without Remote Play _

When Sony announced in 2018 that remote play was now possible for PS4, we all rejoiced. However, the stipulations were too many. Apart from an outstanding internet connection, you also need at least 15 Mbps download speed. Now, even if you have the best Wi-Fi in the world, the controller will end up giving you problems due to slow responses. So, how do you eliminate all this and continue playing on your monitor? How do you use your laptop as a monitor without worrying about the remote play? 

Best Monitor for Graphic Design & Photography: Your Creative Bestie

Best Monitor for Graphic Design & Photography: Your Creative Bestie (2019)

A decade or so earlier, we really couldn’t distinguish between monitors. They all seemed to have the same features, and they all seemed to be super-machines that did everything! However, as we grew up, trends changed with the increase in demand. Today, there are separate monitors for work, gaming, photography, design & editing, etc. While gaming laptops and monitors are quite common, not many people know about the best monitor for graphic design & photography. That’s where we come in! 

How to Clean Razer Keyboard: Best Ways Explained


The tech junkies and game lovers rejoiced when they first saw Razer keyboards. Razer is a popular name today due to its extraordinary design and speed in keyboards. People all over the world who liked playing games on their PC and wanted something that looked cool too got their hands on Razer keyboards or keypads. The LED lights in the keyboard is the USP of the most loved Razer keyboard. However, like all other appliances, it is vital to clean the keyboard to get rid of any gunk, lint or dust.

Do Monitors have Speakers – Here’s Something you must Know!

Do monitors have speakers – Here’s something you must know!

Here’s something not many people think about while buying TVs and monitors – the speakers! 

Best monitor for fighting games – Top screen for fight games in 2020

Best Monitor for Fighting Games: Top Fighting Game Screen (2019)

Fancy 4K gaming monitors are the rage right now. Everyone wants to get their hands on one of these beasts. But, we have a question that will definitely make you think: Are these monitors ideal for all types of games? The answer is no.

Are Refurbished Monitors worth It? – Best Guide by Computer Expert

Are Refurbished Monitors worth It

We live in an era of technology, and monitors are the primary source of attraction. They are our key to work and relaxation alike. They give us access to the world wide web and enable us to perform multiple functions thanks to their features. However, like with anything else, they come at a price. While basic monitors are quite affordable, there’s no upper limit. There are too many attractive models with hefty price tags.

Best Productivity Monitor – Which One must you Pick in 2020?

Best Productivity Monitor

If you reminisce on the way we worked two decades ago, you will think about heavy stacks of paper, lots of stationery, and big mugs of coffee. Fast forward to 2020 and everything except the coffee has been replaced. We have drastically reduced the use of paper by embracing technology and switching to computers. Computers help us do an efficient job because they are fast, reliable, and come equipped with tools that are very handy. They cut down manual work to a large extent. That’s why, today, no office can function without computers.

Best Secondary Monitor: Choose Second Monitor for your Laptop or PC

Best Secondary Monitor

A good, reliable single monitor is enough for most of us. We can work peacefully and get the job done without qualms. However, some projects and job descriptions call for a dual setup. A single screen is just not enough for them! This holds true for pro gamers, as well. Just one more screen will take away a lot of stress, cut down a lot of time that would otherwise go wasted, and boosts productivity. That is why we highly recommend a dual monitor setup.

Best Monitor for Reading Documents: Top Monitors with Text Clarity

Best monitor for reading documents – Which monitors provide the best text clarity?

Do you feel stressed every time you work on your computer? Does the nonstop reading and coding give you headaches? Do you feel a lot of strain on your eyes at the end of the day? If you have been nodding miserably, it means you need a new monitor.