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Best Monitor for iRacing – Find Triple Monitors for Gaming Here

Best Monitor for iRacing

iRacing is the world’s most famous motorsports racing simulation. In the world of eSports, iRacing is the most visited platform motorsports and racing. It provides the thrill and experience of a real-life racetrack from the comfort of your home. It has a series of virtual racetracks, cars and championships that interests gamers, simracers and race fans.

How to Fix Horizontal Lines on an LCD Monitor – Simple Solution by Experts

How to fix horizontal lines on an LCD monitor

With great technology comes great vulnerability. Well, that may not be the case all the time, but it more often than not, advanced technology indicates fragility.

How to Ship a Computer Monitor – Check all the Possible Ways Here

How to ship Computer Monitor

Moving to a different geographical location often causes us to feel multiple things. We are nervous, excited, and worried, all at the same time. But, mostly, moving is all about new beginnings!

Best External Monitor for Surface Pro 4 – Compatible Monitors of 2019

Best External Monitor for Surface Pro 4

The Surface Pro 4 is a 2-in-1 device which provides the features and functionalities of a laptop in a tablet. The detachable keypad makes it work like a laptop when you want it to, and its slim size and weight makes it easy to carry. From the tablet standpoint, it is one of the most powerful tablets available today. The Surface Pro 4 laptop has hence become an immensely popular device due to its performance and portability.

Best Monitor for 1070 – Find Compatible Monitors for Graphics Card Here

Best Monitor for 1070

Nvidia is well known for its high performance and advanced offerings, especially for gaming. The 1070 graphics cards by Nvidia offer phenomenal speeds and performance, which substantially escalate the gaming experience. They run on the NVIDIA Pascal architecture, which is arguably the most advanced gaming architecture available today.

How to Get Rid of Blue Tint on Monitor Windows 10?: Guide to Fix it

How to Get Rid of Blue Tint on Monitor Windows 10_

Microsoft’s Windows 10 packs a punch with new features, major upgrades, and overall better experience. However, Windows 10 seems to have come with its own set of minor but annoying problems which many users aren’t too happy with.

How to Connect Two Macs for Dual Display? – Simple Steps to Connect it

How to Connect Two Macs for Dual Display

The MacBook is a powerful device, isn’t it? It doesn’t just make work seamless, it also gives you a whole new experience that very few others can boast of. The MacBook is popular and preferred mainly because it elevates our capabilities and gives us new horizons to explore.

Best 27 Inch Gaming Monitor Under $200 – Latest Monitors of 2019

Best 27 Inch Gaming Monitor Under $200

Gaming is a lot about the experience. Over the years, our gaming devices have evolved in a big way. The features have improved, the sizes have changed and the devices have become innovative & fast, all with the ultimate objective of enhancing our visual experience.

Best Monitor Arm for Ultrawide – Set Your Monitor On Wall or Desk

Best monitor arm for ultra-wide

Ultra-wide monitors are the rage right now due to their wide viewing angle and the fact that they eliminate the need for multiple monitors. Gamers, movie enthusiasts, designers, and those working on computers for a long period of time unite in their opinion of the ultra-wide monitors. They all say that these are amazing space-savers and productivity boosters.

Acer Predator vs Asus Rog Monitor – Comparison of Good Monitor Brands

Acer Predator vs Asus Rog Monitor

Acer and Asus have been close competitors right from the start. Both of them are excellent monitor brands and have many happy users. A few monitors seem the same in almost all aspects. The Acer Predator and Asus Rog Monitor are classic examples. They are both computers, often confusing users. Which one must they buy?