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Glossy Vs Matte Screen: Which One is Better?

Glossy Vs Matte Screen

When your face your PC toward the sun, you will get to see one of two things: a reflection of your surroundings on your PC screen, or the dull black screen of your PC. These differences are caused due to two different kinds of screens- glossy vs matte screen.

Best Monitors for Programming and Coding – Top Picks

Best Monitors for Coding and Programming

Although many people believe that monitors behave mostly the same, it is not always true. There are separate monitors suited for heavy gaming, for entertainment purposes, and even for coding & programming. Picking out the best monitor for programming can be difficult, not to mention a little scary because of all the varieties of brands, screen sizes, screen resolutions, and so many other factors. In this article, we will shine the light on some monitors which can make your life as a programmer much more easier.

HP Pavilion 22cwa 21.5-inch IPS Backlit Monitor Review and Comparison

hp 22cwa review

Today, I am going to provide the HP pavilion 22cwa review here. HP is among the most trusted brands for computers, and it doesn’t disappoint us very often. In fact, its HP Pavilion 22cwa, which was launched in 2015, is among the top ten most sought after monitors on Amazon. Is it the best out there, though? Let’s go through a detailed here before concluding:

How to Use a Laptop as a Second Monitor to Your PC?

How to Use a Laptop as a Second Monitor to Your PC

When you’re working on many tasks simultaneously, it gets difficult to manage work on one screen. Even with the multi-desktop facility, your current screen might simply not be big enough to fit everything you want. In other words, you will never know when you find yourself wishing for a bigger screen. A solution to this could be using additional monitors to your system. This method boosts productivity to a great extent because your viewing area is almost doubled in size, allowing you to shift your work around and prioritize according to your needs at the moment. A second monitor goes a long way in making your work more organized, thereby allowing you to become more efficient.

IPS Vs LED: What is the Difference?


Many people do not think much about the technology and other aspects when they buy a monitor, especially a USB monitor. They just search the online or offline store, check their budget, and just consider the size of the screen they are buying. But, the other key features that should be taken into account are the display resolution, refresh rate, panel technology, backlit support, etc. Today, I will discuss the IPS VS LED technology, and show you the difference between them.

How to Check Laptop Temperature Windows 10 – Tricks, Tips, and Apps

How to Check Laptop Temperature Windows 10

If you use the monitor, you have to control the temperature of the processor to give it a healthy and long life. To maintain the laptop temperature is an important thing, as if it can’t stay cool then it can ruin many things in the computer. The major disadvantage will be the low processing. Also, it can lead the computer to the hanging, auto shut down or auto restart.

Screen Resolution Comparison: 720p Vs 1080p Vs 1440p Vs 4K Vs 8K

Screen Resolution Comparison

In today’s gaming era, it’s better to have a higher resolution in a monitor or TV. And this is recommended by tech geeks too. Especially if you are using a computer or a USB powered monitor, you will easily find the difference of various resolutions as you are sitting at right close to it. As 8K monitors are still in process and will not available in the near future, 4K displays are the targets in recent times.

Monitor Vs TV – Which is Worthy to Buy for Gaming?

monitor vs tv for gaming

With all the technological varieties available to people these days, no electronic device is built to do just “one” thing. A trend that has been surfacing recently is using an HDTV in place of your display. Although using a large screen HDTV as a substitute of your current PC display can be exciting to imagine, it may not necessarily be optimal to use.

Freesync Vs G Sync – Which One is Worth It?

Which One is Worth It-

If you are a pro gamer, you will know the agony of screen tearing during a game. The annoying way your correctly rendered title becomes gross due to horizontal lines and stuttering in the video.

Gechic 2501H Reviewed and Compared

Gechic 2501H Reviewed and Compared

You already know that how important to have a USB powered portable monitor when it comes to improving the productivity in your office or home workspace. A portable second screen helps to manage your different applications efficiently at the same time. You may learn from a YouTube video in one screen and can apply it to your application on the second screen which helps to improve your skills drastically. But, here we are not discussing the advantages of having a USB powered monitor. I am letting you know all about the one of the best USB powered monitor, Gechic 2501H. I will cover the review and comparison of this portable display which will help you decide of its worthiness.