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How to Set Monitor to 144Hz?: Try This Step By Step Guide

How to set monitor to 144 Hz

A 144Hz monitor is a real catch especially if you are a gamer and nobody can deny that! However, many complain that their 144Hz monitor is not showing 144Hz refresh rate. They say that it shows 64Hz instead. Here’s a complete guide addressing this exact problem:

Best Mouse for Minecraft: Top Gaming Mouse Reviews of 2020

Best Mouse for Minecraft

If you are a game lover, then you must have heard and played Minecraft which is one of the most popular games of all time. To enjoy the gaming at its best, you need the perfectly compatible peripherals for your system and a mouse is one of them. Here, I have compared and reviewed the best mouse for Minecraft PVP (Player Vs. Player) game.

How to Take Screenshot/Print Screen on Dual Monitors? | Perfect Guide

How to screenshot or print screen on dual monitors

Screenshots are a godsend. They make sharing easy and help us explain things to others seamlessly. They are especially helpful when we want to share tips or tutorials. While taking screenshots is a breeze on a single monitor while working with dual monitors it may be difficult and confusing.

Best Vertical Monitor: Perfect Monitors for Portrait Mode

Best Vertical Monitor

Whether you are a programmer or a gamer or would like to watch movies, more than one monitor fits every need. Moreover, if one of them is vertical, you will be able to enjoy your experience even more! But, before we go any further, let’s first discuss a few things about vertical monitors:

Best Gaming Mouse for Large Hands – Top Extra Large Mice of 2020

Best Gaming Mice for Big Hands

You really shouldn’t have to compromise with comfort and efficiency just because you have large hands! Most mice are made for average-sized hands, and that usually hinders usage for those with large hands. Thankfully, many manufacturers of gaming mice have addressed this concern. They have come up with gaming mice big hands!

24″ Vs 27″ Monitor: Which One is Better for Gaming?

24 Vs 27 Monitor

A gaming monitor is a thing that most people don’t replace frequently. One of the main reasons is that such gaming displays are quite expensive and so changing them time to time is not possible for all the game nerds. So, it becomes the most difficult as well as an important task to choose the perfect sized monitor for your gaming needs. Today, I will compare the most two popular gaming monitor sizes; 24 Vs 27 monitor. Let’s go through this article and decide which one of these two is better for gaming.

How to Make Steam Games Open On Second Monitor? | Play Comfortably

How to Make Steam Games Open on Second Monitor

Soon after I made a setup of a dual monitor at home, I felt a slight increase in work efficiency. I started saving the time of opening the YouTube video, learn from it and then switch back to the application to do the changes. Now on my one screen, I watch the tutorial and at the same time implement it on the application running on the second display. This thing helped me a lot to work more productively and spare some time for refreshments which was neglected since the past few months.

Best Mouse for Programming: Latest 2019 Mouse for Coders

Best Mouse for Programming

There is absolutely no denying that a mouse makes working easier. Even if we use a laptop with a good trackpad, it is always feasible to use a mouse. However, when it comes to programmers, the feasibility is generally ignored. Gamers and designers usually spend a lot of time and patience trying to find the best mouse. According to us, it should be the same for coders because it makes their work easier.

Windows 10 Not Detecting Second Monitor | Setup Dual Monitor

second monitor not detected

It is wonderful to be able to use two monitors. It eases work and makes pastime even more fun when you connect your computer to the TV. However, sometimes you may face issues such as the computer not detecting second monitor.

How to Turn Off Second Monitor?: Change Your Monitor From 2 to 1

How to turn off second monitor

The use of two monitors at the same time is a blessing for many. It helps you do more without having to switch between windows all the time, and you see a lot more in one go – something that a single monitor may not allow.