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FHD vs WQHD – Decoding the popular screen resolutions

fhd vs wqhd

Displays, displays, displays. We are living in the golden era of displays. As much as we miss the simpler times when purchasing electronics was easier, we are thankful we live in such advanced times. We have the freedom to choose the kind of display! That’s just outstanding. 

Are Curved Monitors Better? Are They Worth Buying?

Are Curved Monitors Better

A few years ago, things were very simple. If you wanted to buy a monitor, for example, you checked specifications and features. You did not care about its flatness because all monitors were flat! 

Best 25 Inch Monitor – Here’s The Treasure Trove Of 2020

Best 25 Inch Monitor

Who said people only want large monitors these days? Of course, they are popular, but this fame takes nothing away from smaller monitors that are convenient and useful. 25-inch monitors are perfect for small spaces and multiple setups. In fact, you will see that many offices have these setups, and employees prefer them over one large unit.

Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 300 – They Are Affordable And Awesome!

Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 300

Imagine life without a computer. Scary, isn’t it? Or should we say empty?

Technology is a part of who we are. Our work, leisure, and everything in between revolves around it. And, the central part of technology is the mighty monitor! We all want an excellent monitor that has a large screen, superb resolution, and many other features. However, until recently, enjoying these features was expensive. Not anymore!

Best Anti-glare Screen Protector for Computer Monitor – 2020 Update

Best anti-glare screen protector for computer monitor

How many hours a day do you spend in front of your computer? We are sure most answers will be in double digits.

Best Monitor for Nintendo Switch – Amplify your Gaming Experience

Best Monitor for Nintendo Switch

When Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch, we could barely contain our excitement! It was a wonderful gift to the gaming community. We all were super excited about the brand new experience. But, there’s more to gaming than just this wonderful product.

Is My Monitor HDCP Compliant? – Everything you Need to Know

Music Video Geometric YouTube Thumbnail

HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It was enforced to ensure that digital video content stays safe without anyone being able to copy it. The system checks the devices and components such as the monitor. But this is only possible in HDCP compliant systems. Now, we are sure you are asking yourself, “Is my monitor HDCP compliant?” We know how you can find out!

How to Paint a Computer Case? – Do it Yourself With the Utmost Ease!

Blue and Pink Circle Games Influencer Neon Noir Youtube Thumbnail Set

Things catching dust is a very significant problem, especially when the thing is your computer case. The dust can wear the material off and may end up causing internal damage if you don’t clean it regularly. What’s more, the paint can start wearing off after a while. The best way to avoid this is to paint it. This will make it look new, and it will keep the dust away as well. But how do you do it?

Is Overclocking Monitor Safe? – Learn about the Process and its Risks

Is Overclocking Monitor Safe

All the overclockers say hello! We are here with another episode of overclocking and this time we are going to speak about overclocking monitors. Is it safe? Does it harm the monitor? Is it even possible? Should you do it? We are positive that these and many other similar questions are boggling your mind at the moment. Breathe with ease, you all, because we have all the answers for you. Please keep reading!

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4 Without Remote Play: HDMI Rescue

How to use Laptop as Monitor for PS4 Without Remote Play _

When Sony announced in 2018 that remote play was now possible for PS4, we all rejoiced. However, the stipulations were too many. Apart from an outstanding internet connection, you also need at least 15 Mbps download speed. Now, even if you have the best Wi-Fi in the world, the controller will end up giving you problems due to slow responses. So, how do you eliminate all this and continue playing on your monitor? How do you use your laptop as a monitor without worrying about the remote play?