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Are Refurbished Monitors worth It

We live in an era of technology, and monitors are the primary source of attraction. They are our key to work and relaxation alike. They give us access to the world wide web and enable us to perform multiple functions thanks to their features. However, like with anything else, they come at a price. While basic monitors are quite affordable, there’s no upper limit. There are too many attractive models with hefty price tags.

It so happens that we need one of these but can’t afford them. This is when used and refurbished monitors come into the picture. While we discourage used monitors, we have taken a liking to refurbished items, and that’s our topic of discussion today.

What are Refurbished Monitors?

Let’s start by understanding what refurbished monitors are because many people seem to be confused by it. Refurbished products are nothing but returned products. The original buyer may not have been happy with the product or may have found a problem or two. These products come back to the manufacturer, who tests them for quality assurance to ensure that they are working fine. After that, they are sold at a lower price as refurbished products.

Are Refurbished Monitors worth It?

To answer this question, we should look at the benefits of buying refurbished monitors:

  • The price: This is probably the most significant benefit, and that’s why we shall start with this. Refurbished products are almost as good as new, but their prices are lower. So, you could buy a high-end monitor from Acer, HP, or any other company without having to pay the full price.
  • The quality: Since the products were initially returned, the manufacturers run them through a second, strict quality check. They only come out for sale once the manufacturer is sure that it has no defects. In fact, if there are defects in control boards, panels, etc. the entire part is replaced.
  • The warranty: When you buy from a trusted dealer, you will have the freedom to return the refurbished product if you are not satisfied. That makes it a win-win purchase.

Things to keep in mind before buying a refurbished monitor

We are positive you are tempted to go ahead and make your purchase. But, we urge you to read the rest of this article before you do so. In this section, we want to discuss important points to consider while purchasing. This is crucial because it is very easy to end up with the wrong dealer and buy a faulty monitor with no warranty or certification. Let’s go through the checklist now:

  • The monitor should be from a reliable brand and a dealer. Acer, Dell, LG, and Samsung are some brands that you can trust.
  • The refurbished monitor should have a warranty, allowing you to return or exchange the
    product if the need arises.
  • It should be certified refurbished. If you don’t see the certification, you should steer clear of it regardless of how attractive the price tag may be.
  • Even though refurbished monitors are sold at heavy discounts (up to 60%!), some may take advantage and try to sell at higher rates. To avoid this, you could compare a few monitors and buy the best.
  • The age of the product is another important factor. If the monitor is quite old, you may have difficulty finding spare parts and repair options in the future. Always make sure you are getting the latest possible version of your desired gadget.

Final verdict: Should I buy a refurbished monitor?

Yes! As long as you keep the aforementioned points in mind, there’s absolutely no reason why you should shy away from refurbished monitors. They are a steal as a matter of fact, and who doesn’t like a good bargain? A little vigilance will help you buy a monitor you love and couldn’t buy at MRP.

Refurbished monitors are worth it! Surely!


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