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Are AOC Monitors Good (1)

How many brands of monitors are you aware of? Too many! From Samsung to LG to Dell, the market is overflowing with monitors that you can rely on.

In this huge battle, there’s another name that keeps popping out – AOC monitors. Let’s see if they give enough competition to the other brands and whether they are worth considering.

About the brand AOC

AOC is an international brand that has made its mark in multiple countries. It is a part of TPV Technology Limited, based in Taiwan. AOC aims at building products that are user-friendly and reliable.

Are AOC Monitors Good?

Now that we have a brief about the brand let’s see if the monitors are actually good. We would say, yes. AOC monitors are actually good, especially for their price. They are extremely simple to use, keeping up with the brand’s motto of being user-friendly and they are dependable as well.


But, their biggest selling factor is that they are affordable. AOC monitors, when compared to the rest, are cheaper. You won’t have to worry about overspending with AOC.

What are the downsides of AOC?

Well, if you want an easily affordable monitor, you have to know that you will have to compromise on the quality as well. It is decent, yes, but can you expect the same quality as you would with Samsung or LG or Asus? No.


When we compared the various models of each, we saw that AOC monitors have enough features to work as regular desktop monitors but if you want to choose a monitor that is loaded with multiple features and capacities for gaming, graphic design, etc. You should consider the leaders.

Who can buy AOC monitors?

Anyone who does not want to spend too much on monitors and is only looking for basic functionalities can go for AOC monitors without a second thought. They are simply great for regular work and are quite reliable as well. We have noted that the customer service and technical support is also on par. So that’s another plus.


In short, if you aren’t a huge gamer and don’t engage in high-load tasks, you can buy these.


We can consider AOC monitors as the simple alternatives of the expensive models we have in the market. Some of us just need a monitor to work and spending a lot of money on specifications that don’t bother us is actually a waste.

Are you going to buy AOC or just get yourself a Samsung or something else? Let us know!


  1. Hi Rena
    I believe AOC came out with a new model. I am looking into getting it. Let me know your thoughts. AOC 27inch G2778VQ 1ms 75Hz FHD FreeSync Gaming Monitor.


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