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The best benefit of the USB portable monitor is that; it allows a smooth video playback with a low latency connection and ‘plug and display’ simplicity. It works on the USB graphics technology which allows a high resolution and a full 32-bit color graphics.

The POP (Point-Of-Purchase) for the USB Powered Monitor is, it is ideal for customer checkouts and kiosks, as it allows the configuration of dual displays; one for the employee-facing POS (Point Of Sale) and the second as the marketing material for the customer. You can add two, three screens via USB with some common software and content, and doesn’t really require the rest of the hardware!

You can use USB monitors for a business presentation, as a photo frame, kiosks, documentations, etc. They provide ultimate portability to increase your productivity. You will get more workspace by expanding the on screen real estate of your laptop or portable computer.

The USB Portable Monitors come in a variety of range from 14” to 17”, with a USB 2.0 or 3.0 connectivity, and with variations in pixel resolutions. The USB monitors work in software and doesn’t require any dedicated hardware. So it provides you a significant power saving when you use multiple displays. They work via only a single cable for power, touch and video, which makes it even more simple to use, as the traditional displays require separate cable connections for all of three requirements mentioned above.

The USB monitors as stated are powered by USB port, and no requirement of any extra power brick, which makes them portable and efficient to use.

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